Terms and conditions:

The Reassured car policy on buying and selling outside of the website:

  • The Reassured car website strictly prohibits buyers and sellers from engaging in any actions that aim to complete or facilitate transactions outside of its platform. The policy enforces the following guidelines:
  • Transaction Exclusivity: Buyers and sellers are prohibited from undertaking any activities that are specifically designed to finalize or aid in the completion of a transaction outside of the Reassured car website. This ensures that all buying and selling activities remain within the secure and monitored environment provided by Reassured car.
  • Restriction on Contact Information: Buyers and sellers are not allowed to share or request direct contact details, such as email addresses or phone numbers, prior to completing a sale through the Reassured car website. This measure ensures that all communication and transaction-related interactions occur within the platform, providing transparency and accountability.
  • Prohibition of External Website Promotion: It is strictly forbidden for buyers and sellers to mention, reference, or promote external websites that facilitate sales outside of the Reassured car platform. This rule applies to all forms of communication between Reassured car members, preventing the diversion of transactions away from the website.
  • Protection of Contact Information: Buyers and sellers are prohibited from utilizing contact information acquired through Reassured car transactions to initiate offers or engage in buying or selling activities outside of the Reassured car website. This safeguard ensures that user information remains confidential and transactions are conducted securely within the platform.
  • Restriction on Off-Site Listings: Sellers are not allowed to list an item on Reassured car and subsequently mention or provide links to additional identical or related items available for sale outside of the Reassured car website. This policy prevents users from using the platform solely for promotional purposes without conducting the actual transactions within the Reassured car ecosystem.
  • Limitation on External Catalogs: Buyers and sellers are not permitted to access catalogs or other external resources used for ordering items directly outside of the Reassured car website. This ensures that all product information, browsing, and purchasing activities are conducted within the platform, promoting consistency and accountability.
  • Hosting Restrictions: Buyers and sellers are prohibited from hosting item descriptions or images outside of the Reassured car website. This policy ensures that all product listings and associated content are hosted and displayed exclusively within the Reassured car platform, maintaining a centralized and controlled environment.

Buyers and sellers are required to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Completion of Purchases on Reassured car: In order to avail themselves of the benefits provided by Reassured car, such as Reassured car Protection and Reassured car Money Back Guarantee, buyers and sellers must ensure that all purchases are completed exclusively through the Reassured car website. This ensures that both parties are protected and have recourse in case of any issues or disputes related to the transaction.
  • Utilization of Best Offer or Seller Initiated Offer: Buyers and sellers are encouraged to use the Best Offer or Seller Initiated Offer transactions provided by Reassured car. These features allow buyers to make offers on items and negotiate the price with the seller. This promotes transparency and fair negotiations within the platform, enhancing the overall buying and selling experience.
  • Utilization of Special Offer Feature: The Special Offer feature is available to sellers, enabling them to send personalized offers to specific buyers within the messaging system. This feature facilitates direct communication between sellers and interested buyers, allowing for customized deals and increasing the likelihood of successful transactions.

Activity on the Reassured car website is required to:

  • Compliance with Applicable Laws: It is mandatory for all users to abide by the relevant laws and regulations while using the Reassured car website. This includes local, national, and international laws pertaining to buying, selling, and participating in online transactions.
  • Respect for Third-Party Rights: Users are expected to respect the rights of third parties, including intellectual property rights and privacy. This means that any content or information shared on the platform should not infringe upon the rights of others.
  • Adherence to the Reassured car User Agreement: Users must comply with the terms and conditions outlined in the Reassured car User Agreement. This agreement defines the rules and responsibilities of both buyers and sellers and serves as a framework for conducting transactions on the platform.
  • Compliance with Reassured car Policy: Users are required to follow the specific policies set by Reassured car. These policies may include guidelines for prohibited items, restricted content, prohibited actions, and other guidelines that ensure a safe and trusted environment for all users.

Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in actions taken by Reassured car to maintain the integrity of the platform and protect its users. Such actions may include administrative termination of listings or cancellation of transactions, adjusting the visibility of listings in search results, downgrading seller accounts, imposing restrictions on buying or selling activities, forfeiture of fees, loss of buyer or seller protection, or limiting access to communication and rating tools for members.